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Water Tanks

John Egan Heating & Plumbing provides a comprehensive range of water tank and cylinder installation, maintenance and repair services, working with domestic and commercial clients throughout Dublin and Wicklow. All water tank and cylinder installations are carried out by members of our fully qualified team of tradespeople, with each installation being tailored to the unique requirements of the individual client. As experienced technicians, we are able to assess your requirements and offer professional advice on which water tank sizes and specifications will best suit your needs.


If your existing water tank or cylinder is old or in disrepair, we can remove it and install a brand new system at an affordable price. Common issue which may indicate you need a new water tank or cylinder include build-up of lime, leaking, etc.

If your existing water tank or cylinder needs an upgrade service, get in contact with us today.


For more information on our water tanks
and cylinders, please contact us.

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