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Central Heating Systems

John Egan Heating & Plumbing provides a comprehensive, affordable central heating installation service, supplying and fitting a high-quality, A-rated central heating system. By installing an A-rated system, you stand to save up to 30% on your energy bills, whilst also improving the temperature control and comfort of your home or business. When you request a central heating system installation service, our heating & plumbing experts will work with you to ensure you choose the most suitable heating system for your home or business.

We supply a full range of boilers, radiators & heating controls for you to choose from.

As we are registered with the SEAI, we are able to install heating systems for those who qualify for SEAI grants. The SEAI Better Energy Homes scheme offers grants of up to €750.


We can install an A-rated central heating system in your home or business. Contact us for a quote.


We can install heating controls along with your new central heating system, reducing wastefulness and bringing you in line with the SEAI requirements. If you answer no to one or more of the following questions, we recommend having heating controls installed.

  • Can you heat your domestic hot water without switching on your radiators or an electric immersion heater?

  • Can you turn on your heating without heating your domestic hot water?

  • Can you easily adjust the heat output from radiators in the rooms you use most often?

  • Do you have temperature control on your boiler?

  • Have you time control on your boiler that you can set for different days of the week?

  • Have you a separate temperature control for your hot water cylinder?

  • Have you a separate time control on your hot water cylinder?

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