Power Flushing

Power flushing is a process used to clean out your entire heating system, including the boiler heat exchangers. This reduces any build-up of grime, sludge or lime which can cause a reduction in the efficiency of the heating system. John Egan Heating & Plumbing provides a professional, reliable power flushing service to domestic and commercial clients based throughout Dublin and Wicklow. This is a fast and efficient service and is suitable for most domestic and commercial heating systems. For a standard home, the power flushing process will generally take a few hours, although a deep power flush will require a longer period.

Do I Need A Power Flushing Service?

Here we have listed some of the common warning signs which tend to indicate your heating system needs to be power flushed.

  • Removing Radiator Water Black Or Iron Oxide Sludge

  • If Your Heating System Is Slow To Heat Up

  • If You Have Cold Spots In The Middle Of The Radiators

  • Unusual Noises From Your Boiler

  • Repeated Pump Failures

  • Radiators Must Be Bled Of Air Frequently

  • Pin Hole In Radiator Body Which Is Leaking

If you notice any of these issues, give us a call today to schedule a power flushing service.

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